Sash Over-Shimming

Sash Over-Shimming

This document includes step-by-step instructions of sash over-shimming installation. At the end of the documents you will find PWS allowed dimensional deviations.


Step 1

Take out glazing beads that are shown in the picture: bottom and vertical from the hinge side.

Step 2

Hinges Lift the sagging corner until the sash is squared up.

Step 3

Locate the gap (usually at the bottom of the sash, but can be on the sides as well) and fill it with glazing shims. You might need various sizes depending on the size of the gap.

Use glazing shovel to lift the glass and fill the gaps tightly. Do not reinstall glazing beads in case you need to insert more glazing shims after measuring the sash.

Glazing Shims Layout Scheme & Placement Order

 - glazing shims are placed tightly (bottom corner on the hinges side and top corner on the handle side)
 - glazing shims are placed loosely, filling the gaps

Glazing shim thicknesses: 1 /8 – 5 /32 in. (3–4 mm)

Over-shimming is usually needed at locations 1, 2, and 3.

Step 4

Squared up sash has to be measured. Measuring steps:
  1. Measure from the bottom corner on the handle side to the top corner on the hinges side (measurement #1).
  2. Measure from the bottom corner on the hinges side to the top corner on the handle side (measurement #2).
  3. Measurement #1 has to be 5 /32 – 13/64 in. longer than #2 (perfect outcome). If not, more glazing shims need to be inserted to square up the sash. 

Step 5

To finish, place glazing beads back into the frame.

PWS Allowed Dimensional Deviations

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